Sunday, June 22, 2014

Santa Fe

Oh, it's the end of June?  And I'm about to post about Memorial Day?

I do what I want.
It was a pretty excellent weekend.  The drive wasn't horrible (it gave me a good excuse to drink all the Mountain Dew I wanted) 

(p.s. i love mountain dew baja blast (thanks taco bell!) but now that they sell it in stores normally i feel confused...because every time i drink it i instinctively want to eat a chalupa.  life is hard)

Anyways.  I really loved Santa Fe.  And Taos.  They were both delightful little places with delightful people.  We also stopped by this weird little place called Earthships.  It was weird/cool?  




I really wanted to buy a turquoise ring while I was down there and after searching through several shops and streets, I ended up buying one from the very first place we went.  Which was helpful because I flirted a lot with the guy working there.  It did get me a pretty decent discount, but in the end he rejected my invitation to hang out after his shift.  Love is pain.

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