Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Recap 2: Camping

I love camping.  

I enjoy the mountains and waking up to the real world.  Aka nature.

This time around was really good, too, because I mastered the art of peeing outside.  It only took my whole life, but I rocked that urination.

I also tried driving one of the quads and I got stuck on a log.  I had to be rescued by the boys and I never felt so hopeless.  I hope they didn't judge me too much but I know they did.  

But seriously, this world.  It's so great.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Recap Part I

This summer was delightful.  And full of adventures.  But more importantly, it was full of good humans.  I seriously have the best friends.

My first stop of the summer was a little place called Jackson Hole.  I love it there.  

Jackson included some delightful entertainment by some old guys who sing country.  I ate a whole tray full of meat.  It was disgusting and delicious and maybe a mistake.  Also, we hugged a bear.

(But seriously.  So amazing.)
Fun fact: I may or may not have sung a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner on the ferry ride to our hike.  And some Asian tourists might have loved every minute of it.

 Married people are so cute sometimes...I guess. 

 Some of you might recognize this middle picture of Janna.  It got pretty big on the ol' FB.

Most importantly, I ate waffles at the top of this mountain. 

And we saw two movies and one of the Asians at the nail salon spent a good amount of time hula hooping outside the front doors.

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good way to start the summer.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Current Obsession

You know what I really love?  Making eye contact with other drivers while driving.  I think it is the best.  I don't even know why.  But tonight when I was turning a corner, I made eye contact with the guy waiting to turn and didn't look away until distance forced it.  

Sometimes this turns into car flirting.  I don't mind that either.  Neither did Mystery Matt.  
(oh what could have been...)

But really, this post is all about a man named Sam Hunt.  

Here he is: 


First things first, I think I love him.  

I don't know anything about him except he has ridiculous pop songs that are kind of just bad but I also can't stop listening to them.  They are full of awkward voice overs and cheesy lyrics but maybe that's why I relate to them.  I mean, when he says, "If you wanna be a homebody, we gonna have a house party" - I get that.  I'm lazy.  He sings about friends and I just got matching ones.  I don't know if it's more embarrassing to just like Sam and his music or genuinely feel like I can relate to it.  I won't claim which is more pressing to my heart.

If you want to see him in real time, here is an option:

Please don't judge me.