Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I've been thinking about donuts for like the last 5 days straight.  

I just really wanted one.

So, finally, after going to the gym last night, I made my way to get some donuts.  That makes sense.

I had found this donut shop that stayed open decently late for a donut shop and made my way.  It's in maybe a sketchier part of town, but I was not alarmed.

The guy working the counter was an older gentleman, with longer, white hair and gaps between his teeth.  We had a pleasant conversation where he told me he worked for donuts.  I guess that's better than money?

But really, I respect that. 

Anyways, he mentioned there were some fresh donuts in the back and I told him to surprise me with a few.  Which he did, and then he threw in a bear claw for free.  

I think I found the love of my life.  With a side of donuts.