Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Back to bloggin'

Hey guys.

It's me.  Cindy.  #fordpride

I just really feel bad about being such a neglectful blogger.  I hope this isn't what my parenting is like.  

However, I am recommitting myself.  I want to really document the realness of this experience.

What experience, you ask?

I'm going to Brazil for a couple months.  I am really pumped about this for many reasons, but mostly I think it'll be good for my soul.  And for my blog.  Because you all know how traveling makes my heart pump and also the words flow out of my mouth.  I'm sure there will be many stories that make me laugh and also many experiences that make me cry.  My goal is to share them all.  I want to really make this experience something great.

So please just harass me to blog.  Make me do it.  Because it'll be good.  I mean, I'm only in Miami and I'm only a few hours out of Denver, but moves have already been made.  Life is already happening and I think it'll only get better from here.

Also, if you think I should do something-tell me.  I'll do it.  And I'll take pictures and it'll be the best.  And then I'll make a calendar of all the pictures and send them to you.  Because doesn't that sound awesome? 


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