Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thoughts on Brazil

Welp I've been in country for a whole 3 days now which means I know everything about this place already.


But there are some interesting observations I've made that I will share with you all.  I know some of you will know some of these already, but maybe some of you won't.  Also, I just want to write them down so deal with it.  I was actually pretty prepared with most of these, but they will be documented nonetheless.

1. Toilet paper.  They don't throw it down the toilet.  There is a trash can next to the toilet where you throw discarded and used TP.  It sounds weird but it actually hasn't phased me much at all.  It's just a different place to put it.

2. Sinks.  They don't really believe in touching food when eating it, so they do everything they can to avoid it.  They use forks and knives for pizza, wax paper or napkins to hold their hamburgers, and they have public sinks for people to use in restaurants.  These sinks are for washing your hands before consuming food.  They are also reminders of how gross of a human I am and how little I think about hygiene.  I am disgusting.

3. TV's.  They love them.  The first thing our airbnb person did upon delivering us to our room was turn on the TV.  I thought it was weird but it's normal.  Also, I hope one day someone says that same exact statement about me.

4. Today I ate cereal called Super Balls.  I'm 12 and I think that's hysterical.  #cocopuffs

5. There are restaurants all over the place that you pay for by the kilo.  It's buffet style and you load up a plate with food (I was unsure of many things but still ate), it is weighed and documented, and then you eat.  And then you pay a man in a little box.  And I kind of love this.  #notjustforfroyo

6.  Today was mostly a battle against the rain and the bus system here in Salvador, but we survived and are (mostly) unscathed.  What this really means is we went out, got lost on a bus route, walked in the rain for hours, and then couldn't find a bus back and were about to reach desperation when a cab finally let us in.  In conclusion, I look real good right now.

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