Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gratitude: A Short List

Things I am grateful for, in no particular order:

Reminders of eternity, when things go seemingly wrong,
Eye connections with strangers in cars; when I'm feeling extra strong.
Books and words that make me feel,
Friends who help me deal.
Strangers who make me feel like I belong;
And my prayers when I kneel.

Magic moments of pure bliss,
And when I'm lucky, a quick kiss.
Accepting emotions but fighting sorrow;
Thinking about how lucky I am for tomorrow.

When ice cream tastes especially sweet and when my bed feels extra warm,
My family when I need them most and when I get to perform.
Popcorn and movies and going solo,
Knowing in Portuguese that cake means bolo,
Not feeling any pressure to conform,
And a rhyming dictionary that tells me to put polo.

Mediocre poetry and the chance to write,
Traveling and airplanes and always taking flight.
Dancing and angels and Heavenly Beings,
Grateful for a life so freeing.

Note: I've been strangely more connected to poetry recently but I feel weird about sharing it so just an fyi and bye.

1 comment:

Katie Chandler said...

Your voice comes out SO much when you write. I love reading your thoughts on life.