Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Missionaries and dating but not dating missionaries

Tonight I took the missionaries out to dinner.  I try to do this at least once a month for several reasons: 

-awkward conversations
-my parents drilled this into my soul as a habit of service

The missionaries we have serving in my ward right now are just perfectly amazing and the right amount of weird.  It's a match made in heaven/the Denver North Mission.  They are both big guys with a high school resume full of playing in football games and an endearing lack of social skills.

They requested dinner at this BBQ place and after 3 baskets of gratuitous rolls, we finally got our meals and began to chomp down on meat and mac and cheese. #blessings

One of the missionaries began to talk about his girlfriend and it was an enlightening moment for me.  Homeboy is only 21 years old and is dating a 30 year old.  Which, hey, props and love to that.  But the best part is this: they never actually dated before he left on his mission.  Missionary made sure to include in his story that he was dating someone else leading up to his mission, he ended whatever that was, left, and then this 30 year old girl he was friends with and him committed to each other over email.


This has me rethinking everything.

Unrelated: if you guys know anyone to set me with up, 20 is not too young. 

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