Tuesday, August 2, 2016

New Normal

Hey there.

A few things to chat about here.

I don't officially lose my real life until tomorrow when work/training begins, so the past few days I've basically been hitting a spot in the city and kind of wandering around and eating mostly.  Yesterday I really wanted Chick-fil-a and so it was easy to pick which part of the city I was going to focus on. #youmakemewanna

Side note: This Chick-fil-a was perhaps the busiest one I've ever been to but also the fastest.  I got my food in like 20 seconds.  I was really impressed with the speed and dedication towards chicken.  Also, it was delicious. #myboo

Another side note: I stopped by Magnolia bakery which I've been to before and I was foreal disappointed.  Either they've gotten worse or my palate has become more sophisticated...but I didn't even eat my slice of cake.  And I couldn't find a trash can for blocks so then I left it under a seat near Rockefeller Center and felt terrible but I didn't want to carry it around anymore.  #thesearemyconfessions