Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Last 24 hours

Things I’ve liked in the last 24 hours:
-Snapchat singing to Celine Dion with friends in Denver.  Felt like I was there
-Bringing cinnamon rolls on the bus this morning (including 1 transfer)
-Deciding to name my turkey bowl football team “the Ford Force” and wearing Star Wars themed clothing
-Telling my students Gerald Ford was my grandpa
-Despite today being the day before a long break, having a decent lesson prepared and being presented while having an unexpected visitor (along with the dean of instruction).  The students sounded like they were learning!
-Beginning to appreciate a student I haven’t really liked that much
-A fun day with our kids involving a Turkey Bowl
-My team winning the championship of said Turkey Bowl
-Attempting to cheat to win said Turkey Bowl
-The school drumline during halftime
-Getting a turkey hat (and a trophy)
-A pleasant potluck w the students where they all got along and no one was annoying! They were just normal kids!  
-Taking a nap on some random table in some random atrium in Midtown
-Seeing some of my favorite humans who are in town from Colorado (makes my heart soar)
-Two random men on the street complimenting me in a non-creepy way
-Random Japanese food that had good reviews but that was not very good but excellent company so it don’t matter
-Christmas spirit in the city (so many lights!)
-Thinking about actual Christmas break
-Realizing the guy at the Verizon store had been hitting on me on Saturday and thinking about texting him all day but then forgetting (there’s still tomorrow)
-Relating to the film Moana in weird ways and also wishing I was Polynesian
-Thinking about all the trips I want to and will go on in the future
-Friends from afar texting me
-Telling my guy Mo at the bodega next to school that I’ll miss him over the break and him returning the sentiment

Things I haven’t liked:
-The pizza station at Costco being down for the day so no pizza even though I went through the effort of sneaking into Costco

All in all, I’m starting this Thanksgiving break LIKE A BOSS.

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theoxenia said...

More please! December is getting so long without an update.