Thursday, October 20, 2011

800 Years Ago

800 years ago there were some monks.

These monks set out to do some serious damage. And by damage I mean awesomeness. Because they built this abbey that was so massive. And so beautiful. And you know what? They didn't even have power tools! Some people don't even believe its that old, just because it is so mind boggling.

It's called Fountains Abbey. Check it. I checked it. So cool. And awe-inspiring.

(also, can you believe this is where Joanne's kids had their high school graduation? not.fair)

But wait. First let me back up.

Once upon a time I was born into a family. That family has relatives who moved to England a few years back. That family is now super close to me. It was so random to find out that my mom's cousin lives just a couple towns away from where I am now, but its also super nice. So on Wednesday Joanne and I got together (it was the first time we'd seen each other in a long, since I was a child) and spent the day going around her town of Knaresborough and then she was nice enough to show me out to Fountains Abbey.

(we may or may not have almost the same hair. just noticed.)

It was so fun. She makes a wonderful bag lady. I would insert a picture of her holding bags right now, but I was a doof and forgot my camera's SD card on the day we got together. Luckily she was much more prepared and thus our time at the abbey is well documented.

The abbey really was astounding. It dates back to 1132 and is one of the biggest and best preserved Cistercian abbeys in all the land! (the land of England)
Those monks knew how to throw it down.

We even saw a monk! She's probably 800 years old, too. Ugh. So old. Also, I feel like Yoda in this picture. And I can't help but wish I had had this little outfit when I dressed up like Thomas Aquinas that one college.

It was a perfect day, with seriously the most perfect weather we could've asked for. It was so sunny and nice out! And it was fun catching up with Joanne and hearing about family members I don't really know much about and the random commonalities among our families. Such a great day.

And one thing we talked about was how GREEN the grass and trees are here. Sometimes the grass is so green I think its blinding me. I love it. It's one of my favorite things.

So thanks Joanne! Next time I'll bring my camera. All of it.


Viva la Varner said...

I showed Clark the picture of you in the monk clothes and he asked if you were trying to be Yoda. Looks like you are Yoda. And you make me your posts!

Beck Bee said...

i remember when you dressed up like thomas aquinas!

Jill said...

You maybe look a tiny bit like Bathilda Bagshot in that outfit too.

veechfamilyblog said...

Cindy, it's a great blog of the day. Thanks for adding me to your life story. I can't wait for us to do more and more things together. It is amaizing that we are in the same stake and everything. What are the changes that you would pick York College to come to? It was meant to be. See you soon.