Friday, October 21, 2011

Better than studying

I was counting myself lucky with such a beautiful Wednesday.

So when I woke up on Thursday and it was still as bright and shiny, I told myself I would sacrifice a day in the library for a stroll downtown. It was seriously painful when I was inside reading and the sun was outside shining.

And it was such a successful day!

I found my future husband:
(i don't even mind which one-but my top two are the accordion player and mr. headband)
They were jamming out hard. And I enjoyed it.

I went to the park and there are museums around but I mostly strolled. Here I am in front of the ruins of St. Mary's Abbey. Lots of ruins around these parts. But I guess that's what you get when the ruins date back to 1271. Nothing lasts anymore, you know?

The river that runs through the city.

Back to York Minster...I can't get enough of this place.

And a bit of downtown...

Yeah. I can study at night. Totally worth it.


Kasi French said...

I vote for the headband man.

Erin said...

YOU LIVE THERE. Can you even get over that? Because I can't.

Cora Newman said...

Accordion player. No homo.

Megan said...

I second Cora's opinion: accordo-guy.