Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Live in York Now.

My friends.

I live in York now. And its weird.

It's not my first time living in a foreign country, but it is most definitely a different vibe here than in Korea. I think in Korea the fact I didn't speak the language and that I was super different was strangely a more comforting feeling. The isolation was obvious but not necessarily chosen. Here I have the beauty of knowing everything that is going on around me, but it leaves me feeling more alone. Its so weird. And don't get me wrong. I am doing well. I'm on day 1. Its my normal adjustment cycle starting.

Anyways, here is a video I made of my living situation! The video isn't my best but I most definitely look really good. (The rain makes my hair sad)

Yes, I live in a house/flat dorm. Its three floors, I'm on the top. There are six rooms on the top two floors and I think three rooms on the bottom floor. I only think this because of the 15 lockers in the kitchen, forcing me to assume there are 15 rooms.

As mentioned in the video, there are a lot of Chinese people here. Naturally it makes me feel a little bit more at home being surrounded by Asians. They seem really nice and a couple are in my programme (*notice i am british now) as well, so I'll be seeing them a lot. One Chinese boy. One Indian boy. Me. Another American (i haven't met her) and the rest are Chinese. Bam!

So I get in yesterday after the longest day of my life traveling and I am smelly. Its true. I need to take a shower real bad, so its on my list of 'to-do asap'. I get all my stuff into my room, wallow in tiredness and hunger, but then decide to venture out to the bathroom for a shower. On each floor there is a separate room for the toilet and shower. Or bath.

Yes, I gather all my stuff (minus a towel because who has room to pack a towel? or buy a towel somewhere close by before showering-because there is no where close to buy a towel I realized so instead of a towel i grab my sweat pants. i'm gross but i lacked options) and I head to what I think to be where the shower is. But there, sitting in the room, is a bath tub. Why the deuce did these people think that I would prefer baths over showers on a daily basis? I don't know. And I didn't really care enough to find out. So I took a bath. And don't worry, they have the hot and cold waters coming out of different spouts and believe me when I say the hot is HOT. Burns the skin.

After my bath I walked 3o minutes to get Pizza Hut. I don't regret it.

(i also later walked the other floors and they have showers. so while i'm bummed they're not on my floor, you better believe i'll be using their stuff)

I walked around the closest part of downtown near me looking for any kind of store that would sell towels or blankets but found nothing. The rain was about to start so I came home, hoping for the best: warmth. The best did not happen.

I fell asleep at like...7:30 pm last night. And I was warm enough under my sheet. But then the night fell harder and I woke up. Freezing. The bed had been right next to the window, and the draft was rough. I put on three pairs of pants. And regretted not bringing a hoodie (i shall purchase one asap). So I grabbed my coat and put it over me. This sufficed until I woke up at a normal time. And then I moved my bed for draft protection. Best idea I've had all day.

Anyways, as much as those stories seem upsetting, they're not! Orientation starts tomorrow so I'll meet some peeps there. Hopefully. And today I had some really nice people help me. Like the lady at ASDA (aka Walmart) who chatted with me about York and things to look out for. And the cab driver who helped me carry in my bags. And the cashier who was so patient for me to get cash out the ATM because their reader wouldn't take my credit card. Also, the fact that they use the word 'love' so much makes me smile.

"Hello love, where can I take you today?"

"Just give me a minute, love"



Janna said...

I miss you. And England. I can't wait to come visit.

Logg said...

I won't be offended if I didn't...but I hope I made the picture wall.

Bridgette said...

I can't believe you're living in England. The coolest thing ever. :)

San Ba Po said...

CINDY LOU!!!! What's your address???