Monday, October 10, 2011

One of these is not like the others

Story of my life.

Today was my first real day of graduate school.

I'm so grown up.

I had some welcome meetings this morning, an informational library session (it's for sure no harold, but i don't think there's another like him on the planet), and then my first lecture. Two
hours long. Lets just say I got my new Taiwanese friends to exclaim with me "life is so hard!" Because two hours?! On Research Methods in Language Learning? I didn't even remember the name of the course-I had to go look it up. But yeah, its going to be good.

Let me back up for a second...I get to the first class, which was a meeting for everyone in my course study, and I laughed out loud (LOL'd as some people say) as I turned the corner and saw
a sea of Asians. Probably a hundred of them. There are two other non-Asians in the class. And I just think about how I should've anticipated this, but I really didn't, so it was kind of surprising! I sat next to a girl from Hong Kong in my morning class (and my two roommates. so glad i could
pick them out!) and this afternoon I met and bonded with the Taiwanese. There were a few of them, and once I met one I had to meet them all! My favorite is the girl who's English name is Fanny. Because who has the name Fanny? This girl.

We had about an hour break between the library session and our lecture, so they invited me to have some coffee (or hot chocolate?) with them. It was pretty fun as I demonstrated the Chinese language skills I possess, we chatted about how I have the worst living situation (14 people for the kitchen-they laughed at me), and then we just kind of made fun of Fanny. So glad to have
that friend already picked out..and so glad its not me. They invited me to lots of Taiwanese club meetings (totally going) and then said they had so many Chinese roommates themselves that they refer to their dorms as China Town.

It was a good day. Even though I got my first homework in three years and I haven't quite figured out what studying means again. I'm sure I'll get there.

Also, one of my peeps said that there are enough candy bars here to eat a different one every day. I'm doing my best to see if thats true.

(also, it is a feat that i haven't taken a nap today and its 8pm.
i've been trying really hard to get here.


Meg said...

rofl rofl - "hi i've considered many options and have decided on FANNY for my american name"

make friends with her. she sounds spunky.

america misses u.

San Ba Po said...

Love that you are going to a Taiwanese club!